Greetings traveller

I don't know if you are here for the first time, or you are returning for the hundred times. Regardless of that - I would like to thank you for interest of my work!


On 16th of march Blizzard will shut down old API that provide this site character data. Because of that - characters will not be updated, nor new one will be displayed. Sorry!

Extended story for the ones that care

I have started this project as a hobby after work - it was good to jump into something new, try new tools and frameworks, especially when it is connected with the game that I love. At it's launch I thought that it will be used only by me and couple of my friends that are also passionate in collecting mounts - that's why I have never heavily advertise it (just shared a link on BlizzApi developers Discord to gather some feedback). And... I am still astonished that over 13 thousands players have visit it for past 1,5 of year! You rock guys!

Yet here comes some changes. Blizzard is shutting down old community API that was providing all data (mounts, character etc). The deadline was already moved from December 31 by three months ahead. But the problem is that the new one have completely different structure. It require massive load of work to adjust old system to the new one. The great example would be object id's: for years they were the same as the ingame ones (and ones on sites like wowhead). Now they are completly different, without an easy way to link it between the systems.

Okey.. I don't want to jump into tech details. But the major point is: adjusting site to new API is as time demanding, as creating a new one. And unfortunately I don't have time right now to jump into second crunch. Maybe in the few weeks / months situation will change.

But also - since wowhead launched new mount tools - question is do anyone still needs this kind of tools? Of course it is handy for quick collection view, but right now you even have great ingame mods that can do this work!


If you think that this site was useful, and it should be continued - send me a note! You can do this either via facebook or discord (details are in "Contact" tab)

And at the end of this a big, and long text: I would like to thank everyone that was supporting my work here. It was a pleasure do it.

May the mounts be with you. Always!
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