So... What's up with this page?

Greetings! If you are reading this, then that means two things:

But to the topic:

By entering your World of Warcraft character name and realm, you will see a list of collected items ingame, and the one that you do not have collected yet. So basicaly if you are going to "catch 'em all" - you are going to discover a great tool to manage your collections!

What collections?

Currently site is restricted to mounts only (it is just a warm up). If things go smoothly, you will see pets, reputations and achievements added in the future.

But why do I need this page? I can see everything ingame!

Not entirely. Let's take mounts for example: Ingame you can see a number of all collected mounts, and not the ones that are usable on your character. What's the difference? Meta achievement for collecting 200/250/300/... mounts require specific mount number on single character - and you get it only as a number in character statistic tab.

What is more - on page you will see all mounts categorized - you can find the missing ones in a blink of an eye.

How does it work?

In database we store a huge list of all warcraft mounts - it is aquired by Blizzard's Battle.net API. When you enter your character into form, the website recives data from Battle.net, compare it with data from database and present to you in pretty looking graphic form. That's it!

I know a similar page!

That is possible! Battle.net API is open for everyone, so you too can create that type of tool!

Is it dangerous to enter character data?

Not at all! To run website tools you don't have to login anywhere. And all displayed character data are also publicly available on Battle.net Armory

What's up with buttons on character page?

Blizzard send via API all mounts, that they have in database. That mean's that website is reciving a lot of trash items, that are not usable at all, or only on specific characters. So all the items needed to be manualy catagorized as:

Keep in mind, that on every page you will see every mount that you obtained, regardless of it's status

What's up with colors on mount icon borders?

This is just easy way to show categorization: